Dear Residents of Emmarentia and surrounding suburbs,

Many businesses are struggling as the damaging knock-on effects of the pandemic spread through the economy.

Woza has just received notice of a four-fold increase in its costs from its supplier of on-demand security services.

This has always been a low-key  'community' project, as opposed to a profit-driven project for me, but there is a limit to the extent that I can continue to subsidize it - that limit will be breached by this proposed cost increase.

A doubling of the current 90-odd subscribers would enable me to go to the suppliers of the national armed response service and attempt to negotiate a lesser cost increase with them.

The alternative is that Woza will be shut down at the end of May (or when the last subscriber has enjoyed a full month since their last payment; annual subscribers will receive pro rata refunds).

The Woza service is innovative, efficient and (from R35 per month for armed response anywhere in the country!) extremely cost-effective, offering subscribers protection in the form of an immediate armed response at their homes, at work, and everywhere in between.

Woza has generated substantial goodwill in its first year of existence through:

1. The shopkeepers initiative in Greenhill Road, where subscribing shopkeepers displaying the Woza sign offer residents a safe space from harassment inside their shops, where help can be summonsed at the 'shake' of a phone.

2. Donations made to Let's Work, Felicity's non-profit team of workers, who have really stepped up to the plate at this difficult time.

You too can make a positive difference by committing to support this worthwhile safety initiative.

Please forward the link to this web page to as many of your street whatsapp groups, friends, family members as you can (remember, the service is literally national - works anywhere in SA, so anybody can join), and anyone wishing to 'Save Woza' should indicate as much on the online form behind the button below.

No payments are required at this stage,  we just want a commitment from you that you will subscribe.

Bottom Line: Woza might be saved if at least 100 new subscribers indicate their willingness to subscribe to Woza  by Sunday, 10th May 2020.

I will be keeping score here until Sunday - look in to see how we're doing! It's up to you ...

NUMBER OF COMMITMENTS RECEIVED: 50    So still 50 to go... by today! 🙉

Dear Residents of Emmarentia.

In 2018, in the middle of yet another crime spike in Emmarentia, the Emmarentia Residents Association (ERA) decided that enough is enough; it decided to mobilise residents by equipping them with a way of getting help fast.

After a rigorous due diligence review, ERA settled on the Woza app (an adaptation of the popular Bull Horns app) due to its unique capabilities:

  • The Woza app boasts the easiest and fastest way of triggering an alert - you simply shake your phone vigorously, and the app opens automatically.
  • The Woza app  accommodates residents’ existing security companies (for emergencies at home) plus it provides residents with a 24/7 armed response service to where they are, anywhere in South Africa, using GPS location functionality. 

Residents and users of the wonderful open spaces in Emmarentia are sick and tired of feeling afraid. “We're taking back our spaces and supporting local crime-fighting initiatives!” says Geraldine Connell, who has driven the process for ERA. “ERA has pioneered a safety solution for everyone which is extremely affordable, dependable and effective.”

The suppliers of the Woza app will contribute further to the safety and upkeep of our suburbs by donating 20% of monthly fees collected to the Let's Work NPO (10%) and the various Community Patroller initiatives operating in Ward 88 (10%).

ERA urges all residents of Emmarentia and surrounds to support this worthwhile initiative, which enables everyone to contribute meaningfully to the safety of our communities.


Please review how it works and how it benefits both individuals and the community by clicking on the link below. Then search for "Woza panic button" in the app store on your phone and instal the app.

After you have downloaded the app, please feel free to test it.

  • If you trigger an AWAY panic, you will immediately receive a phone call from the Aura Control Centre - please tell the Controller that you are testing.
  • You should do likewise if you trigger a test of the @HOME panic button - tell your security company that you are testing the WOZA app when they answer the automatic phone call.

The subscription cost is R50 per month, per smartphone/tablet for a single member; R40 pm for two members, orR35pm for three to six members in the same household. Payment can be made using the secure Payfast payment mechanism by clicking the button below. You can either access Payfast via the link below and set up your recurring monthly payment, or we will send you a link once you have downloaded the app with payment instructions. Thank you.