Detailed Motivation for Residents Associations

The Emmarentia Residents Association (ERA) implemented the WOZA panic button app in Emmarentia earlier this year. It fully endorses the WOZA panic button app and actively promotes it to its residents.

The ERA has in the past 3 months received and re-invested into community initiatives the growing donation it receives from WOZA .  

Inclusive Approach

Uniquely, the WOZA app recognises that residents may have long-standing relationships with existing security companies. Instead of attempting to drag the community together by having a single security company, the community is instead united on a single safety & security network involving all security companies.

So all security companies operating in Emmarentia are included in the community security network, via the first of two panic buttons on the WOZA app - the @Home panic button, which residents would use when at home (which is where security companies traditionaly limit their services to).

But criminals can strike anywhere - locations where your security company is not mandated or obliged to provide a service; walking your dogs in your suburb; coming & going to & from work, the shops, when you're out & about on weekends and on holiday anywhere in South Africa. The second panic button on the WOZA app has you covered at all those locations!

WOZA's  AWAY panic button connects the User to the same national network of security companies that respond to UBER drivers when they need help fast! The Aura network comprises 82+ PSIRA-registered security companies (over 1,500 Responders across SA - all trained professionals working according to a service level agreement in terms of Response Times - so average response time: 6.4 minutes nationwide (much faster in urban areas)

It is the this network that your residents would tap into when they press their Away panic button - the nearest participating Responder responds immediately.

WOZA thus gives your residents the ability to get help fast anywhere in South Africa, 24/7!

The third unique feature that WOZA offers is its shake-to-activate feature; no more fumbling around to find the panic icon on the phone in an emergency - you just give the phone a vigorous shake and an Away panic alert is automatically activated!

The uniqueness, efficiency and simplicity of the service makes it an easy service to promote; the more residents subscribe, the safer your suburb becomes, and the more money is generated to enhance the lifestyle of your residents.

The WOZA app becomes the catalyst for bringing local businesses and residents closer together as businesses agree to become 'safe places' for residents in distress as part of the safety initiative.

Cost of the service is R50 per month, per device for individual Users, R40 per month for 2-person households, and R35 per month for 3- to 6-person households . 

A 10% donation will be made to the relevant resident association bank account every month, calculated as a percentage of total monthly fees received from residents in your suburb.

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