Nobody knows what life after lock-down will look like. What we do know is that all businesses are desperate to start trading again; to earn money again.

Criminals see crime as their 'business' - they too have been locked down!

Be prepared. Get help from both your security company and people you trust by simply giving your phone a hard shake. All are alerted simultaneously! See the features in the diagram below.

The Bull Horns  Responder Feature

The Responder feature is only available when your security company partners with Bull Horns.

The diagram below describes all the Bull Horns features, including the Responder functionality.

Should  you want this world class service from your security company, please tap on the button below. We will make contact with your security company and try and get it to you.

Download the Bull Horns app from the app store on your phone, or by clicking on the images below.