Or ...

you have a medical emergency & need assistance fast;

or ...

you see something suspicious & want to report it;

or ...

you get stuck on the side of the road and need roadside assistance


just press the panic button on your Bull Horns app!

If it's a crime-related issue, your security company can instantly know ...

WHO you are

(((WHERE))) you are

WHAT is  going  on  -

and HELP will be on its way!

If it's a medical emergency (anywhere in South Africa, 24/7), exactly the same thing happens, except that when you press the Medical Emergency panic button,  your profile and a google map showing your location is displayed in the Emer-G-Med Control Room, who then actively manage the medical response.

And there's more!

You can opt-in to send &receive detailed alerts of crime in your suburb . This in-app function is just for reporting crimes - unlike local crime Whatsapp groups where people tend to drift off message.

Click the button below to read a  letter of endorsement from your local CPF announcing the launch of this important safety initiative in your community.