This thread is a response to the request to explain how the two panic buttons on the WOZA app work. If you have any questions, or if anything is not clear, please whatsapp me on 0824993552. Thanks, Paul.

[18:32, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: The Woza app has 2 red panic buttons on it. Let me explain what each one is used for.

[18:33, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: The big red button in the middle is to be used when you are away from your property. There are 2 ways to get help when AWAY from home:

[18:34, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: 1. You open the app on your phone, and press the big red panic button in the middle. OR ...

[18:35, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: 2. You shake your phone vigorously. Just give it a hard shake! It immediately opens the app and starts a 20 second countdown - phone vibrates as it counts down to zero -  at the end of which an alert is automatically triggered. So you basically have 20 seconds to either cancel the alert or to confirm that it is a real panic alert by stopping the countdown & hitting the panic button or allowing it to trigger automatically when the coutdown reaches 0. 

[18:50, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: You will, literally within seconds, receive a phone call from a Call Centre run by a company called Aura. This is the company that supports panic buttons for Uber taxi drivers.

[18:50, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: They call you and establish if it's a crime or medical emergency. Or a false alarm.

[18:52, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: If it is a false alarm, they cancel the nearest Responder that is already on its way to where you are. If it is a real emergency, or if you don't answer the call-back, the nearest Responder (which is on average 6.4 minutes away) or ER24 ambulance will come to you.

[18:54, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: You will be able to see the Armed Reaction vehicle coming on your phone, like the Uber app. You will not see the ER24 ambulance coming in the same way - but at the touch of a button in the Aura Control Room ER24 will know where you are and an ambulance is dispatched immediately.

[18:56, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: This AWAY service can be used anywhere in South Africa - there are +82 security companies on this national network run by Aura. You can see their website here ... click here.

[18:57, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: The smaller red button, in the upper right hand side of the screen, is to be used at home.

[18:58, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: If you press that smaller red button, your phone automatically CALLS your security company (if you use one).

[18:59, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: If you DON'T use a security company and find that you need help at home, PRESS THE BIG RED BUTTON.

[19:01, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: When you press the smaller @HOME button, the app automatically sends sms messages to up to 5 people that you choose to inform in an emergency. You make this selection when you create your profile on your phone at registration.

[19:02, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: The sms messages include a link to a google map showing where you are.

[19:04, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: If you DO use a security company, ask them for a number that you can specify on your profile as a number to send an sms to. That way, when you press that @HOME button, and if you are not in a position to speak, your security company will receive the sms with your location, cellphone number and photograph, and will KNOW that you may need help.

[19:07, 3/27/2019] Paul Nogueira: Remember: you can only shake to activate the app if you want to trigger an AWAY panic alert that gets you the nearest Responder from the Aura network. And Woza will only automatically send sms messages when you press the @HOME panic button.

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