Once upon a time, in a village not far away, 10 000 good people amassed an army of 250 warriors to protect them. Despite this and to their dismay, a small band of 25 robbers continued to rob them regularly!

It was as if the 10,000 were outnumbered by the 25!

Perplexed representatives of the people decided to ask a wise man to help them solve this problem. The wise man revealed that the robbers were using a spell called APATHY. Apathy, he said, was keeping the 10 000 apart, creating individual soft targets that the robbers, always acting in groups of two or three, literally outnumbered every time.

The wise man’s solution was this: break the spell by uniting the good people under one symbol; a symbol that the robbers will recognise and fear. In any one road, a group of 3 robbers will be up against not 1, but 40 good people! Decide on a common symbol and get everyone to use the best available technology to raise the alarm whenever they are under threat.

So the representatives went back to the people, and gave them each a red ribbon to hang up outside their huts; a commitment to unite against their enemies. Should they or their neighbours be attacked, they were to shout HELP! and beat their drums as loudly as possible. Nearby warriors would respond to this alert and rush to their assistance.

The people enthusiastically put up their red ribbons; each one a silent but powerful commitment to come to the assistance of a neighbour. The robbers, outnumbered time and time again, soon moved on to another village.

End of Parable.

... start of WOZA promotion

The 10 000 people are the residents of Ward 88. 

The red ribbons and drums are a metaphor for the WOZA brand, which sends out a very loud and clear message wherever it appears - #helpcomesfast.

And the WOZA panic button app is the modern way to call for help - instead of shouting and beating drums, we can give our phone a vigorous shake and receive immediate assistance from the people we pay to protect us; the security companies (and ER24, if it's a medical emergency).

The villagers banded together and won out in the end.

So can we.

But only if we can break that APATHY spell...