Features of the Mobwatch panic button app

1. Panic button

The Mobwatch Panic Button app turns your phone into a panic button that will instantly, silently call and SMS your emergency contacts.

And your security company (if they partner with us) can see your exact location when you activate the panic button so they can get help to you quickly, even if you can't speak or are on the move!

One tap on the panic button and

    • the app automatically notifies a security company - displays a google map that shows your exact location on an online monitor in their Control Room;
    • the app automatically calls the security company‚Äôs emergency number - you speak directly to a Controller;
    • the app automatically creates & sends sms notifications (showing GPS location) to several pre-specified cellphone numbers (potentially including patrolling security company vehicles, who may then respond quicker to the identified location).

2. Reporting crime

You can also add and receive alerts of local crimes and suspicious activities in your neighbourhood. 

    • Crime notifications contain detailed descriptions of crimes, a google map showing where the crimes occurred and may include a photograph of the incident.
    • Crime reports are anonymous.
    • Facility is available to Users to opt in or out and also limit receipt of crime notifications to those occurring within a 1, 5, or 10km radius of the home.
    • Enables CPF to gather & analyse information about crimes occurring in the CPF precinct from multiple sources (residents, security companies), contributing to improved, more responsive management of crime fighting activities in conjunction with SAPS. 

3. Follow Me

If  you are going into an area or situation you are nervous about, leave a breadcrumb trail so people can track you.

4. Recording conversations

At the touch of a button in the app you can record and save sensitive conversations.

5. Domestic workers 

For domestic workers who may not have smartphones, a speed-dial service is available. On pressing the number 5 on their feature phone, it connects them (voice call) either to a security company or totheir employer and simultaneously displays full client profile (address, contact names & numbers) on the online monitor in the security company's Control Room.

Full instructions for setting up these speed-dial panic buttons will be emailed to everyone.

"Plan B"

Unless they agree to participate, when you press your panic button your security company will not know where you are. The app automatically calls their Emergency number, and automatically sends off sms notifications to your selected contacts showing them a google map of where you are; but the Controller that you speak to in your security company's  Control Room will not yet be able to view a google map showing exactly where you are.

This capability can be made available to your security company at zero cost to them to encourage them to participate in the "Eyes Everywhere" initiative.

For clients of security companies that choose not to participate in the initiative, the Control Room of another security company operating in the area (call it  "Company A") will answer the panic alerts triggered by these clients.

Company A undertakes to manage the incoming panic button alert for such residents on a best efforts basis. The company  will

  • receive the initial phone call,
  • view the google map, and
  • ensure that the resident's actual security company is immediately made aware of the incident and responds to the known location as quickly as possible. 

Company A undertakes to perform this free Emergency Assistance Support function for a period of 6 months only, at no cost, at which point a more equitable/sustainable relationship will need to be negotiated.

There is absolutely nothing to lose, and a much safer community to gain. So please install & subscribe to the Bull Horns app on your smartphones now. To install, go to the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone and search for "Bull Horns app" or click on the applicable button below.